General Data Protection Regulation of company FASTRA L.t.d. clients.

Effective date: 10th of May 2018

Extent and purpose of personal data collecting and processing.

Company Fastra L.t.d. obtains and process your personal informations for a reason of:

  • a right service providing we offer
  • a possibility to answer to your possible questions or requests
  • pochopení a vyjasnění Vašich potřeb
  • understanding and clarification of your marketing communication needs - sending of information (Newsletter, news, special events and the like  )
  • to verify your satisfaction – questionnaires and research
  • a right internal evidence keeping

For this reason Your personal data we collect in the scale: name, surname, postal address, 
e-mail address and phone number. These data we keep on the basis the consent provided by You. Your personal data protection meets a law No.101/2000 of Legal Cod about personal data protection.

Client Personal data providing   

During visit of our web sites you can provide us with your personal data. For example: if  you send a request, question or by registration to receive the news. We will ask you to provide us with contact details (name, surname, e-mail address, postal address and phone number) and a consent with your personal data processing. A client agrees that above mentioned personal data will be included in the electronic data base of the company FASTRA L.t.d.,  and will be collected  and processed in accordance with a law No. 101/2000 Sb.- about personal data protection in an effective version. In a future if you don´t wish our company collects your personal data, you can cancel your consent at any time by a sending of e-email to info@fastra.cz.

To your e-mail by a form of notification we will occasionally send informations about new services, special offers and events we organize. The sending of such e-mails you have right to reject by a sending of your request to e-mail: info@fastra.cz.

Your personal data access

You have right to ask us about information relating to Your personal data extend we collect. If you are interested in you can ask us to send a copy of Your personal data by e-mail to the address info@fastra.cz.

At any time you have a right to ask us to delete all Your personal data by a sending of e-mail  to info@fastra.cz .

Information we share with other subjects/persons

Without your consent we don´t provide your personal data to the third Party for a use of their products marketing or services.

Your personal data we can share with our „ Kindred persons“. These are persons or subjects that thanks to a proprietary connection offer common services and benefits for the clients. They can use this information in accordance with an internal regulation for the purposes of information sending about services, news or events offers.

If you don´t agree to share your personal data with kindred persons, don´t provide us with these data. But we can´t offer benefits to the persons not giving us their consent to share their personal data with kindret persons that has arised by common services and benefits offer.

Third Parties

We also cooperate with other companies and persons securing  activities for our company in accordance with this internal regulation. It concerns the specialists in the field of customer support, e-mail salers, companies providing web hosting and orders realization, data analysis. To these third Parties we can provide an access to the personal data - they need them to fulfill the tasks, but these third Parties are not permitted to use these information otherwise than in our name and in accordance with this internal regulation.

Technologies we use to improve our services offer.

To collect informations aout Your visit of our web sites we use technologies that can provide us with information to improve our services offer, for example: information regarding to your previous visit of our web sites, your preferences and the like.

Methods of personal data protection

By visiting of this web site you provide us with your consent for Your personal data obtaining, collecting and processing according to above mentioned regulations. Our web sites our secured by relevant methods to avoid to any unauthorized notification, use, modification or personal data delete which you provide us through web sites. If you have any question regarding our web sites security, send us e-mail to the address info@fastra.cz   

Your data actualization

You have a possibility of your personal data control, change or you can ask  to delete them by a sending of e-mail to the address info@fastra.cz

Data handingto other countries

Company FASTRA L.t.d. doesn´t hand the personal data to other countries.

Children personal data protection

These sites are determined for the persons over 18 years old. Our company doesn´t knowingly collect data of any persons under 18 years. If we have unintentionally received the personal data of  a site visitor under 18 years, we will delete this data from our files. If you are under age of 18 years, you can take a look at our web sites but you are not allowed to provide us with your personal data. It is not possible to register on our web sites. 

Actualization of our internal regulation about personal data protection

This internal regulation we will actualize according to the changes of legal rules and offers of our services.  Its modified version we will publish here. The effective date of this regulation you will find at the beginning of this site

Personal date processing consent

I confirm, by my personal data providing to the company FASTRA L.t.d. I give a consent to process them for undefined term for a purpose of offer and sale of products and services.

Futhermore I confirm I have been properly informed:

  • about extend and purpose of personal data processing
  • about my unconditional right to recall my consent at any time, as well as about my right to gain the access to my perosnal data and to change it.
  • about my right at any time to ask information about my personal data processing.

Passive provided information: during browsing on web presentation a certain informations can passive be collected (it means they were obtained from your side but without a consent) during use of different technologies (as for example cookies, javaskript measure system, especially Google Analytics, and standard log-in of your HTTP requests on the server site.

To these web sites your internet browser automatically gives some from above mentioned anonymous informations : for example URL web portal or search engine that you have just left (the so called Referrer URL), your IP address, browser version and operation system currently used by your computer, initial language configuration, eventually informations about installed accesories of your computer browser. To operate these sites need the cookies download in your browser.

You can install it to inform you at the moment- when cookie is sent -  or fully refuse it or to impose a ban on it, nevertheless the certain parts of these web sites without the cookies don´t have to rightly work.